Lord Vice Name: Lord Vice
Age: ???
Power: ???
First appearance: #1

Lord Vice is the skeletal leader of the Odd Bricks. He was the one to bring the group together in the first place. Little is known about his origins or even his age. All that we can say for sure is that he has a love for hatred!

He may not be smart (in fact he definitely isn't) but there are many other qualities that make up great leaders. He doesn't have any of those qualities either. What he does have is an awesome cape and the desire to destroy as many things as possible!

Dr. Gears Name: Dr. Gears
Age: 30
First appearance: #1

This Dr. Gears does NOT work for the SCP Foundation. I just thought I'd clear that up.

Dr. Gears is the Odd Brick team's lead scientist. His knowledge of mechanics and physics are only rivaled by his social stupidity. He's never had a romantic relationship of any kind!

He often finds himself being the voice of reason in times of struggle. Perhaps it's because he's naturally cool-headed; or perhaps it's just the perma-grin on his face. The only question now is: what's behind those goggles?

Mega Pig Name: Mega Pig
Age: ???
Power: Mind Reading
First appearance: #1

What use is there in having a mind reader if you can't communicate with it? I'm not sure about that, but there's always use in having a Mega Pig on your side!

Mega Pig is loyal to the Odd Bricks for one reason: food. He joined the group simply because Lord Vice is the one who feeds him. What else could a pig want? Of course, that doesn't stop him from making snappy remarks at the others behind their backs.

Mega pig is super smart and super witty, though his brilliant ideas and insults go right over everyone else's heads! It has to be frustrating to be so smart in a world where no one else can speak pig!

Name: Uekibachi (Hana)
Age: 24
Power: Plant Control
First appearance: #1

Can you pronounce her name? Don't feel too bad if you can't. Vice can't either. Uekibachi, otherwise known as Hana, is the Odd Brick team's super powered specialist as well as their token female. She has the ability to grow and control plants. Vine whips are her specialty.

She has a tendency to loose her cool in stressful situations. You probably would too if Lord Vice was in charge! Her lack of confidence in the team also leads to her being very cautious. She sometimes uses her genre savvy knowledge to try to steer the team clear of trouble. It usually doesn't work.

Noface Name: Noface
Age: 28
Power: Super Senses
First appearance: #1

A man of mystery. No face has, as his name implies, no face. More specifically, he has no eyes mouth or nose (how does he breathe?). However, going without three of his five major senses has given him super senses of hearing and touch. Combine that with his snappy suit and katana fighting expertise and you've got yourself one dapper ninja!

Little is known about Noface as a person. After all, he can't even talk! Will we ever know where he came from? Will we ever know why he doesn't have a face?

The Suits

Mr. Morgan Name: Mr. Morgan
Age: 37
First appearance: #6

As the leader of the Suits, the biggest criminal organization in Lego City, he practically controls the entire city himself. All that power can be a dangerous thing. Luckily, Mr. Morgan is logical and cool headed... most of the time.

After The Odd Bricks accidentally thwarted a bank robbery and got Henry arrested, he swore to use his power to ensure that The Odd Bricks pay for what they did.

Andrew C. Name: Andrew C.
Age: 49
First appearance: #6

Andrew C. is the oldest member of the Suits and The closest thing Mr. Morgan has to a friend. He may not be as youthful or spry as he used to be, but his hot blooded Irish temper ensures that he'll keep on fighting till the day he dies!

Henry Name: Henry Clay Frick
Age: 24
First appearance: #6

As the youngest high ranking member of the suits, Henry has always had a lot to prove. He is a brash, overconfident and reckless crook with a colorful criminal record. His confidence does lead to him making mistakes, but it also makes him calm and level-headed in stressful situations. He's a bit of a womanizer and has a knack for snarky insults.

He's entirely loyal to the Suits and believes that as long as he sticks to Mr. Morgan's plan, things will eventually work out for him.

Other Characters

Chief Burkley Name: Brad Burkley
Age: 42
First appearance: #24

It's hard to think of how this guy got his job. This red-headed chief-of-police may have good intentions, but he isn't very good at his job! His horrible judgment of character lead to him believing that The Odd Bricks were heroes rather than villains! Honestly, how much more wrong can you get?

Despite his flaws, he genuinely cares for the safety of the civilian population. He will stop at nothing to track down any dangerous criminals wherever they may be!